Study Abroad

Shane English Schools provide excellent opportunities for students to study abroad around the world. Our decades of work in the language education industry means that we can offer a wide range of full and part-time English courses.

Caledonian Language School in Edinburgh, UK

Caledonian Language School offers world-class services to students:

  • A fantastic, qualified, dedicated, & enthusiastic teaching staff
  • A range of flexible course options
  • Various class sizes to suit every students’ needs
  • A friendly and intimate environment with a fun social program
  • A varied and interesting array of social activities
  • A dedication to multicultural, international environments which foster lasting friendships around the world

School Exchange Program Worldwide

With locations worldwide, Shane English Schools provides a global network of schools where students can broaden their horizons. Language learners want more than just nouns and verbs; they want to communicate and pursue exciting new opportunities. What better way to do that than connecting with other English learners where their studies are common ground?

And with our standardised curriculum company-wide, we can ensure that not only will students have something to discuss, but they can continue their studies wherever they are.

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