Why Shane English School?

1.  Shane English is an internationally known brand with a 40-year history.

As pioneers in the ESL business in Japan and greater Asia, Shane has developed systems and procedures that work well.  In a world where 75% of franchisors go bankrupt within 10 years, Shane English has created a system where franchising is a long-term partnership in which the brand stands stronger with every passing year.

Thanks to this clear vision, and an ability to adapt to changing market needs, we are looking forward to the next 40 years!

2. Our insistence on employing only genuinely qualified teachers, following strict recruitment criteria, has ensured quality as the foundation of the system. 

With a recruitment and training centre in the heart of London, we are able to attract the very best candidates. We demand a professional work ethic from our teachers, demonstrated in our professional business attire and teaching systems.

Teachers recognize that they are a key part of the success of the company, and we provide a management support network to ensure that they can deliver the best education results.

3. Teacher development as a cornerstone of our success, with regular workshops, lesson observations, and feedback throughout the year to ensure that teaching quality and student satisfaction are maintained. 

All teachers receive an initial week of training to familiarize themselves not only with our courses and materials but also with Shane’s proven teaching methodology.

4. Our Saxoncourt Publishing study materials are tried and tested, with thousands of students having achieved English proficiency from our courses. 

Materials are continuously developed and improved, with full course guides and supplementary materials available. In addition, there is an international testing system, used both within and beyond the Shane system. This helps students compare their English level with standard proficiency measures.

5.  An integral feature of the Shane system is the promotion of special events, such as speech contests, spelling bees, football camp, and other annual events. 

The community spirit developed through these activities is important to students and leads to their long-term enrollment at Shane schools. In addition, Shane also offers popular short courses that meet seasonal demands.

6.  We take a natural approach to language acquisition, following the P.P.P method of Presentation, Practice, & Production.

This is done communicatively, with an emphasis on meaning through context similar to first language acquisition. This approach encompasses the four language skills, with speaking & listening as the key to forming the communicative building blocks of the language, and reading & writing progressing alongside at the appropriate developmental stages. 

Other key benefits are accurate and natural pronunciation and intonation, appropriacy in the use of vocabulary, grammar, and functional language. Combining this approach with native-born teachers yields the best possible results.

7.  Because we are an international organization, we can offer students opportunities beyond their home country.

Our students feel part of a global network and many enjoy our study abroad programs through our sister company, Shane Global. Our students stay with us for many years to take advantage of these international opportunities, giving us a very high level of student loyalty.

8.  Finally, we have something for everyone. We have programmes for students from age 3 to 83. 

Our English teaching system has stood the test of time and continues to serve us well as we meet the unique challenges of each new market we enter. 

This is the Shane Advantage!


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