Overview of Shane English School

Owning a Shane English School master franchise is a very rewarding investment.  With over forty years of experience in the English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) industry, Shane English School guarantees success. In addition to a world-recognised brand, master franchisors have access to key services that only come with the Shane English name.  Below, you can read about some of the key products and services offered by Shane English School that separates us from our competitors.

Full Corporate Support

Shane English School is part of The Saxoncourt Group, which oversees and operates Shane English Schools around the globe.  Working with The Saxoncourt Group will give you access to a team of professionals ready to guide you through the establishment and operation of your English school franchise.  Furthermore, you’ll be part of a global network of successful schools and will have opportunities to work and share with other Shane English School franchises around the globe.

A Complete Curriculum

Shane English has been producing and publishing its own curriculum for many years. A full academic department has written and developed this curriculum for students of all ages from very young learners to adults. It is used in all classrooms and combines both American and British spelling, grammar, and pronunciation.

Each curriculum has sections focusing on reading, writing, listening, speaking, and phonics and has been a successful component in the Shane English School program. The curriculum is printed by Saxoncourt Publishing.

Teacher Training & Recruitment

One of the greatest advantages to owning a Shane English School franchise is having access to our in-house teacher recruitment services.  In the 1980s, Shane English’s rapid growth and success required a steady stream of qualified teachers to meet the demand. Today, Saxoncourt Recruitment works with Shane English Schools around the globe to provide qualified teachers. This will ensure that only the highest standard of teachers are being introduced to Shane English School franchises.

Study Abroad

When students join Shane English School, they look for excellent ways to study abroad in an English speaking country.

Shane English has the Caledonian Language School that takes in international students from around the world and introduces them to British culture. Research shows that students find an English school with a study abroad program to be a particularly strong draw.

Business English

English has become the global language for the 21st century. Whether it is the need for interpretive services at an exposition, or providing translation services for company contracts and job descriptions, there really is no limit to the service potential of an English School franchise.  Many master franchises have already begun capitalizing on unique business English ventures from corporate lessons to e-learning.

Please visit our Business English page for sample ideas on how to expand the Shane English School franchise in your territory.

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