Tristan Jones - profileWe would like to congratulate Tristan Jones on being the last – but not least – Staff of the Month in 2017. His positive attitude and incredibly hard work have made him popular everywhere he’s taught in Taiwan ( And having worked as a “floater” – moving from school to school – he has managed to impress many school managers, fellow teachers, and students. We are thankful for Tristan’s hard work, and we are glad he is part of the Shane English School family.

From Tristan

It was an incredibly humbling surprise to find out I had been nominated and chosen as “Staff of the Month”.
Thanks very much for the recognition.

I arrived in Taiwan in July 2017, but to be honest, support from Shane had started a couple of months prior. After
the Skype interview, the school answered any questions I had about moving to Taiwan. Having never taught before, I
had some reservations about moving to a new country to do something I hadn’t done before. The friendly trainers
and trainees I met during training week soon put those reservations to rest. It was a blast and I learned a lot,
something I was eager to get across to my students. I appreciated the training even more once I actually started
teaching and quickly found that seeing positive changes in students you teach to be massively rewarding.

I started out as a floating/cover teacher around a few of the schools in Taipei and found the “something new
everyday” schedule to be a great help in shaping my teaching format. After a month or so of floating, I started a
regular schedule split over three schools and it’s great having multiple pools of experience to draw new teaching
techniques from. Both Taiwan and Shane have been beyond expectation and I don’t have any regrets coming
here to start teaching. Though somebody may want to turn down the humidity of Taiwan a little, thanks.

From Tristan’s Managers

Tristan joined us back in July last year, taking a role as a floating teacher having had no previous experience in teaching. Tristan showed a great attitude from the off and was happy to work in whichever school needed him. It is never easy working an unsettled schedule but Tristan did so without complaint and was happy to pick up extra classes, even if it meant travelling across the city to do so.

Every manager, whether school manager or from head office, has had nothing but positive experiences with Tristan and he is one of our most sought-after cover teachers when available. He has had experience working with all ages across our schools and has done particularly well with younger learners.

From day one, Tristan has endeavoured to improve his teaching and is always pushing himself to be the ‘Gillette of teachers’ (my words not his).

Tristan’s adaptability, hardworking ethos, teaching and general professional attitude have made him a popular choice for this month’s Employee of the Month.

Michael Owen
Director of Studies, Shane English School Taiwan

Tristan has been an exceptionally helpful member of the team, going out of his way to cover extra classes and showing initiative in finding ways to improve. I’ve been very impressed by his attitude and also his development, and I look forward to seeing him grow into his abundant potential.

Toby Shaw
Academic Operations Director

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