Staff of the Month - Jack GutkowskiCongratulations to Jack, Academic Director of Gutkowski of Saxoncourt Poland as November 2017’s Staff of the Month. Jack’s leadership and hard work have made the Target and Shane Language Training program an incredible success. We’d like to thank Jack for that, and Saxoncourt is thrilled to have him as part of our team.

From Jack

I am honoured to have been nominated as employee of the month and am grateful for the recognition.

I have always focused on creating synergy within our small organization. After all, there is only a total of three employees in our management team – juggling 74 teachers and 70 corporate clients.

Throughout my 20 years of working with the Saxoncourt Group, I have gained an understanding of team dynamics and how to contribute more effectively to the various roles and stages of team development: by making sure that we all share the same understanding of goals, roles and responsibilities.

I believe that every member of our small operation has made a large contribution to our operation and it would not be an overstatement if I say that it is an honour for me to be the manager of such a highly devoted team, and of course, a member of the Saxoncourt Group.

Our shared work has resulted in impressive results. The solution of problems, implementing new ideas, and developing plans are the results of combined and continued teamwork. Frequent discussions that resulted in well-developed decisions, the support and friendly approach of my team members and a willingness for all of us to help each other, are the elements that fuel my devotion to our Polish operation.

From Jack’s Co-Workers

From Klaudia Kleszcz (Saxoncourt Poland Operations Manager)

Jack always puts us first, making it his goal to find the answers to any questions we may have. He has a special ability to help and communicate with staff and our clients so they are helped in the most efficient way. He genuinely enjoys helping others. He has a great personality and contagious laugh.

Aleksandra Trojanowska (Saxoncourt Poland Operation Manager)

Jack always has a positive attitude and I am often pleasantly surprised by Jack’s behaviour during difficult times. Jack has a positive perspective on everything and I respect his opinions on difficult decisions. He has a way of thinking about things that I appreciate. His readiness to share positive thoughts is soothing. He is quick to congratulate his employees and builds an atmosphere of trust within his team.

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