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The Best Value in English School Franchising!

Education Franchise

Owning an education franchise with Shane English School establishes you as a leader in the EFL industry.

With four decades of experience, Shane English Schools have pioneered a vision for innovation in education. Be part of the future with a Shane English School Education franchise.


Master Franchise

There are many opportunities for you to set up a Shane English School Master Franchise in territories around the globe.

Shane English School is  in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and has plans to continue to grow in other regions. Join this exciting business venture by opening a school in your country.

English School Franchise

An English School Franchise is an investment in everyone’s future. Our proven method is a model for success. Learn more about Shane English School’s programmes here.

Discover more about our passion for learning and the benefits of owning an English school franchise.

What You Get with Shane English School

Corporate Support

Being a part of the Saxoncourt GroupShane English School master franchisors receive full support from the corporate head office. In addition to full access to our marketing, development, academic and financial departments, master franchisors will also benefit from shared informational resources among our group companies.

Our business development and communications team is available to assist in the opening and growth of English school franchises at every stage – from initial school set up to company structure and design.  The corporate office is a team of professionals that have collectively been working in the ESL industry for over 100 years!  Please visit our page, The Saxoncourt Group, to learn more about the Corporate Office.

Complete Curriculum

Shane English School offers a complete curriculum for students of all ages.  Written by an academic team, the textbooks, tests, flashcards, workbooks, e-learners, and other quality English learning materials have all been designed to meet the needs of ESL learners in many different cultures. The books are published by Shane English School’s very own publishing company, Saxoncourt Publishing, which has been a pioneer in independent EFL publishing for more than twenty years.

Below is a partial listing of Shane English School’s published material.


Shane English School is a leader in early education publication and materials.  Utilized in kindergartens, these materials are fun, engaging and effective.

Children & Teens

These materials are the perfect companion to any child or teenager looking to learn English.  They focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening, phonics, grammar and much more!


Shane’s Adult programs cover every student’s needs from Foundation-level through to Advanced and correlate with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Saxoncourt Publishing has developed both STYLE and JET English tests and continues to lead the way in English testing publications.

Digital Learning Systems

Shane English School is committed to keeping up with the latest trends in education, with new offerings coming out all the time. Visit our Digital Learning Systems page for more.

Shane Gazette

Shane English Schools produce newsletters throughout the year which connect teachers and management with all Saxoncourt Group resources. Sign up today.

Shane English School Teacher Training & Recruitment

Shane English School prides itself on its professionalism.  It uses an in-house recruiting company – Saxoncourt Teacher Training and Recruitment – to find and hire teachers that meet that high standard of professionalism. This Saxoncourt Group company has been training and placing quality teachers since 1989.


Saxoncourt Recruiting takes an involved approach by training and screening all applicants before they are introduced to Shane English Schools.  This ensures the highest quality of teachers go through the Saxoncourt Recruitment.

Shane English School Study Abroad

Shane English Schools provide excellent opportunities for students to study abroad in the United Kingdom.  As part of the Saxoncourt Group, the Caledonian Language School in Edinburgh works in conjunction with Shane English Schools to offer a wide range of full and part-time English courses. Though our primary location is Edinburgh, the Saxoncourt Group can put its considerable experience toward developing a bespoke program to find the ideal destinations for students looking to study abroad.

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