Shane Taiwan Holds The 'Shane English Speech Contest 2016'!


The Shane English Speech Contest was held this summer. It was very successful, with over 55 students attending this fun event. After more than two hours of fierce competition, we had 1 winner and 2 runner-ups for each level.

Students were assessed using the following criteria: correctness, fluency, pronunciation, body language, content, and timing. All finalists performed wonderfully, and we witnessed some really vivid, eloquent, and powerful speeches. Even movie characters and Japanese phrases made an appearance in a couple of them! 

Shane kids, you are really creative! Everyone's performance was commendable, whether you won or lost. Great job, all!

Shane English School Taiwan Holds Summer Camp in Tianmu


To expand our reach, SEST cooperated with Taipei Tianmu Elementary School and held a joint Summer Camp 26th-28th July. 

The subject of this 3-day event was English fairy tales. In total, 36 students from Tianmu Elementary School attended the camp, learned all about classical English dramas, and participated in arts & craft activities, all the while interacting with our English teachers. 

Students had a great time and adapted to their new environment naturally.

On the last day of the camp, we invited the parents to come and see their children’s impressive mini-performances.

We are looking forward to holding similar events in the future with other local schools. Our intention is to help students enjoy English and further increase Shane Taiwan's visibility in the English education field.

Shane English School Taiwan - Panchiao 4 Opens!

shane-english-school-taiwan-PC4This summer, a new school based in New Taipei City, Taiwan opened its doors. Panchiao 4's school opening was a lot of fun!

Students new and old attended the demos and had a blast playing games like Scarecrow and Guns. It was a fierce competition between the Blue Pigs and the Green Apples gaining points left and right, but ultimately the Blue Pigs prevailed. All students proudly produced the colours (first lesson) and countries (second lesson) for their parents to see. There was much laughter and joy. It was a happy time for all.

We wish School Owner, Harry Kuo, many years of success!

Shane English School Taiwan Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 2016

shane-english-school-taiwan-kindergarten-graduation-ceremony-2016Shane English School Taiwan is proud to have successfully run the kindergarten graduation ceremony on 16th July in Taipei, Taiwan.

Graduation is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The children have completed a significant milestone in their lives, and so have our teachers. Our graduates have equipped themselves for future challenges at Shane and beyond.

We thank all the teachers at Shane School who have given the children the knowledge, manners, and noble qualities needed to cultivate a sense of decency in them. Generation after generation, we will continue educating future students with our core beliefs.

Well done to all involved!

Saxoncourt Welcomes Shane Korea


Saxoncourt is proud to announce the addition of Shane Korea to our global group of companies. Husband and wife team, Jack Glowacki and Jaekyoung (JK) Lee, recently signed on as Shane’s master franchise partners for South Korea. The headquarters, and flagship school, will be based in the southern city of Ulsan. The school will open this September and will focus on young learners.

Jack and Jaekyoung recently spent a week at Saxoncourt’s Taipei office for master franchise training, and participated in our TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) course. All of the departments did a fantastic job instructing them in our methods. Jack and JK will be off to a successful start upon their return to the land of kimchi. We wish them many happy Shane sub-franchisees and many years of success!

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