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Shane English School's continued success is marked by the many happy students, franchisees, and corporate clients over the years.  Below, we would like to share with you a few of those testimonials with you.



Client Testimonials

Belgian Embassy

Shane Corporate ClientTarget & Shane has been organising English and Polish language courses for our representatives and diplomats based in the Belgian Embassy since September 2011.  Lessons are administered by competent and professional teachers whose skill and commitment have given our staff a working knowledge of the English and Polish languages. We are very pleased to be working with Target & Shane and have no hesitation in recommending their language services to others.


Shane English School Corporate ClientI am pleased to mention that Saxoncourt (Polska) Sp. z o.o. has been cooperating with us since October 2000.

Target & Shane organises and administers a variety of English language courses to numerous groups of employees and managers at various levels of proficiency.

We would especially like to emphasise our satisfaction with the high level of qualified teachers, their commitment and availability. In addition, our working relationship with the administrative staff and the directors at Target & Shane is very positive. The company is very flexible and makes every effort to meet our specific demands and act upon our suggestions.

Overall, the standard of service delivered by Target & Shane is professional, effective and satisfying.

I strongly recommend their language services to any company wishing to improve its employees’ language skills.


Shane English School Client ReferenceOne day, out of the blue, somebody made this proposal: “Let’s study English!”  Even though it was summer, this idea sent a chill down everyone’s spine. A lot of people were afraid of communicating in a foreign language because they were scared they would not speak it properly or embarrass themselves. I am of the former, because even speaking in my native language, I still make lots of mistakes. I am used to embarrassing myself, so I am not really that afraid. 

Shane English School arranged a native English speaking teacher, Mathew, for us. He is a nice person and he is good at teaching. Everyone can talk about whatever they want in class regardless of their accuracy in grammar. The main point is to just talk. Many co-workers also said that they used to be scared of talking to foreigners in English. Now that is no longer a problem. “Fearlessness” is a great lesson that I have taken away from this class. It is worth spending two hours each week attending this course. 

And now we have a new teacher, Joe, who is also a great teacher. The way he teaches is very similar to Mathew. It shows that they are really trained by the same system (Shane English School does a really great job on “quality control”!  If there is anything different, I would say it is the requirement towards the students. Mathew focuses heavily on the body language, for example looking them in the eye when you talk to someone face-to-face, while Joe focuses more on the content of the conversation. 

Here comes the last day of class. Even though we do not have a graduation ceremony, it is still a good ending. How much you can learn really varies person by person. Without the stimulation of the environment, it makes it harder to learn a different language. This is a start that is helping my colleagues take the very first step. They will have to rely on themselves in the future. 


Shane English School Client ReferenceTarget & Shane has been our language course supplier for four years. This longtime relationship allows us to thoroughly express our satisfaction with their services thus far.  The effective organization and presentation of their language courses is based on high standards, qualified teachers and overall experience in the field. The methodological expertise of their teachers is accompanied by pleasant, personal backgrounds and cultures which create an excellent learning environment.  We are very positive about our working relationship with Target & Shane and we regard their language training services as professional and effective.



Student Testimonials


Ms. Kishimoto

Shane English School ReferenceMs. Kishimoto
Afternoon Course and Culture Talk

When I was younger, I did not study English regularly therefore and could not speak English well when I grew up.  Then my husband joined Shane and I decided to join him.  I want to travel to England and be able to converse with the natives and explore the culture in English.  Speaking at a native level is very challenging for me and without Shane, I would not be able to live my dream.  The Culture Talk course at Shane taught me very many useful phrases and I am happy I took the class.

Mr. Tango


Shane English School ReferenceMr. Tango


Private Lessons

I have traveled to many English speaking countries around the world.  On September 3rd, I left to be an exchange student at the University of Oregon in the United States.  When I was in Australia and Europe, I wanted to speak English more, but it was still difficult to communicate.  When I returned, I started studying at Shane and have very good instructors.  Now I can speak comfortably with foreigners.  It is my dream now to go to many countries and have more in depth conversation with the locals.

Mr. Yabuki

Shane English School ReferenceMr. Yabuki
Afternoon Course

I graduated with a major in English History.  I am expecting to study in graduate school this Autumn in the UK.  I have a goal to work with researched around the world on different topics and ideas.  Shane is helping me achieve that dream.

Personally, I much prefer the British accent, which is why I chose Shane.  Ever since I started studying there, I was impressed by the quality of the English teachers.  The instructors are friendly, intelligent and respectable.  They have all graduated from University, have English teaching experience, or worked with international companies.

Ms Muta

Shane English School ReferenceMs. Muta
Private Lessons

I am currently majoring in Law at University.  In order to get a job in Law, I need to study English everyday.  I also want to live in a work in a foreign country, just like foreigners living here in Japan.  I was very impressed when I went abroad for the first time; everyone was so polite and said “thank you” all the time.  Even though it’s small thing, it means a lot.


Shane is the perfect place to study and achieve that goal.  You must believe me.  Now, everyday because of Shane, I am always looking to converse with foreigners and practice my English.



Franchisee Testimonials

Ms. Yuri Sasaki

Shane English School TestimonialMs. Yuri Sasaki


I would highly recommend Shane English School to anyone looking to open up an English school franchise.

I opened my first Shane English School 20 years ago and now operate two successful franchises in Japan.  Over the years, I have seen the brand grow with new courses, study abroad opportunities, new books, Chinese classes, and so much more.  My students really enjoyed these opportunities, which allowed the business to grow and expand.  Naturally, I have gained much satisfaction working in the education industry.

The support I have received from the Head Office has been wonderful throughout.  They send me excellent teachers who are punctual, friendly, and come with a smart and professional demeanor.  They make working in a bicultural and multilingual atmosphere very fun.

I am very proud of Shane English School’s global status.  It has attracted many students to my school.  And the most rewarding part of all this is meeting my students from 20 years ago that are now successful adults with fluent English ability.  I couldn’t imagine myself in any other line of work.


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