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Shane English School prides itself on its professionalism.  It has been utilizing an in-house recruiting company called Saxoncourt Teacher Training and Recruitment to find and hire teachers that meet that high standard of professionalism. This Saxoncourt Group company has been training and placing quality teachers since 1989.

Based in London, England, teachers undergo an intensive training program organized by fully qualified teacher trainers. The program is a University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Authorised Centre that provides CELTA and TESOL qualifications to teachers who successfully complete the course.  During this rigorous training process, Saxoncourt Teacher Training and Recruitment develops teacher qualifications in eight main categories:




The training program works closely with the Recruitment component to place the CELTA graduates, and other qualified teachers, in schools in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  The placement process is a thorough, ten step process designed to match the best teachers with Shane English Schools world wide.  

Saxoncourt Recruiting takes an involved approach by training and screening all applicants before they are introduced to Shane English Schools.  This ensures the highest quality of teachers go through the Saxoncourt Teacher Training and Recruitment program and, ultimately, Shane English Schools.  Here is an overview of the successful recruitment process:




Please feel free to visit Saxoncourt Teacher Training and Recruitment's Website or Contact Us for more details on this excellent service provided to master franchisors. 

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