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The Shane English School brand offers master franchisors the opportunity to expand their businesses into other areas of service.  Shane's Business English model has been developed by franchises around the globe in unique and successful ways.  Here are some excellent ways that the Shane English School franchise can incorporate other business ideas.


Shane English Outside Corporate Lessons

Shane English School Outside Corporate Lessons

International companies rely on Shane English School to provide them with professional business English lessons.  These private or group classes help these companies stay competitive on the global stage.  Please visit our Testimonials page to learn more about what corporate clients are saying about us.



Shane English E-Learning

Shane English School Online Learning

As the times change, so does the method of teaching.  While nothing can replace the advantages a classroom offers, e-learning is fast becoming an integral supplement to lessons in the classroom.  Visit our Curriculums page for screen shots of a sample e-learning website.



Shane English Interpretation

Shane English School Interpretation

Interpretive services are ideal ways to expand a Shane English School.  Whether for business meetings, fairs or expos, Shane English Schools are in an ideal location to pioneer the interpretive services market.



Shane English School Translation

Like interpretation, translation is a service that suits Shane English School's business model quite well.  When companies need important documents translated from English into their native language, Shane English School staff or graduates can fill that need.

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